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2013 Ride schedule!

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Invitation only Rides. All Riders Club members with the skills, experience, and sense of adventure required for these rides are eligible. There is a very strict rider limit due to the remote locations of the rides. Included in the purchase of these tracks are additional club expenses including reservation and cost for lodging, Support Truck and Trailer, limited fuel and meals, etc. Contact Bob for more information about these rides. bob@ironmandualsport.com


  2013 Ride schedule 
Emigrant Trails Ride
July 26th,27th,28th,29th

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  Emigrant Trails Ride 
 This is the kind of ride you hear story's about, see pictures and read articles in magazines about. Epic adventures and the best riding in the world. Well here’s your chance, a ride you’ll talk about for the rest of your life. 4 days of hard riding and unbelievable scenery and exploration. The Ride starts and ends in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Portola, CA. Makes a 4 day loop thru the Sierras, North Western Nevada and into Southern Oregon. There is a limit of only 12 riders on this ride, we travel to some very remote locations and for Saturday night, that’s all the rooms in town. You must be an experienced rider able to ride any terrain and capable of riding 150-200 miles a day in the dirt. Fix flat tires and make any trailside repairs to your bike, you must be willing to carry extra fuel on your bike. There are absolutely no single riders on this ride. Included in the ride is 3 nights motel booked double occupancy, in some of Nevada’s best 1 star motels. A support truck and trailer with tools, bike lift, tire changing equipment, etc, which will also carry your gear bags to each night’s location.
Emigrant Trails Ride, sign up ASAP, 12 Rider Limit 
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Soldier Meadows Ride
September 13, 14, 15, 16

Another fantastic ride in Northern Nevada and into Southern Oregon. The route for this ride is very similar to the Emigrant Trails ride, and requires the same experienced riders who can ride and handle themselves in any situation. The main difference is we stage on private property East of Portola and spend 2 nights at the Soldier Meadows Ranch, here’s a little history about the ranch. 

In 1865 Camp McGarry was established at the location of the current Ranch Headquarters. It was a 
U.S. Army winter camp. Its mission was to protect traveling pioneers and freight wagon trains from 
Indian attack. By 1865 there were regular freight wagon trains traveling from the Sacramento Valley to 
Silver City after silver was discovered in Idaho. Protection was needed along this stretch of the trail, so 
the Army established a Fort near Summit Lake (now the Summit Lake Indian Reservation). In the winter, 
the army moved the Fort south to Soldier Meadows because it was quite a bit warmer due to its lower 
elevation and warm water available from the nearby warm and hot springs. Stone buildings and stables 
remain standing from the U.S. Army camp at Soldier Meadows Headquarters and at the Summit Lake 
Indian Reservation

Believe me this is a fantastic place to stay! You’ll have the option of either Private queen bed rooms (6) 
or rooms with double bunks (3) plus an unbelievable home cooked dinner and breakfast is included with 
our 2 nights stay at Soldier Meadows. Saturday night I’ve rented the whole town of Denio Junction there 
are (6) double rooms only. Saturday night is T bone night At Denio Junction, and your dinner Saturday 
night is also include in the ride.

There is a strict 12 rider limit on this ride and no single riders, Sign up ASAP this ride will sell out fast.

Queen--- $900
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7 Ranges Ride 
Look For this ride on the 2014 Ride schedule!

 A Fantastic Adventure! Like the Emigrant Trails Ride, you don't want to miss this ride! There is no rider limit this year!

A four day loop of hard riding through Central Nevada (we stay south of Hwy 50) crossing seven mountain ranges. This ride stages in Middlegate, NV, intersection of HWY 50 and 361. 
Much of the ride is at 9,000 feet, prep/jet your bike for high altitude. Experienced riders only! You must be able to ride any terrain, Fix flat tires, make any trail side repairs to your bike, carry extra fuel on you bike, 150 mile range required, Warning this route will not be pre-ridden this year. Riders will receive GPS tracks and detailed maps of the ride. Do not sign up for this ride if you are not comfortable finding your way around unforeseen obstacles such as roads being washed out, closed, etc. There are absolutely no single riders on this ride.

For more info contact bob@ironmandualsport.com 


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