Friends of the Centipede

We thank everyone who has ridden with us over the years, We've had some great times and great rides. Ironman Dual Sport will now only continue in our efforts to guarantee access to our public lands through the Friends of the Centipede. We encourage anyone who would like to become involved in our on the ground trail projects to fill out the contact form below to get on our new mailing list or email for more info.

The Friends of the Centipede was conceived in 1971 in response to the Sierra Club’s proposal for congress to inventory road-less areas within our National Forests. This group of concerned citizens was ahead of their time in recognizing the threat to our access rights for responsible use of our public lands.

The California, Nevada, and Mexican Deserts were their passion. They pre-rode the courses of the Baja 1000 on the optimistically named Mexican Highway 1 between Tijuana and La Paz.  The treacherous course of the Mint 400 through the Nevada desert named “The most Famous off road race in history” and the thousands of miles of trails and roads that let them explore the wonder and beauty of our deserts were all at stake.

There are now well over 107,400,000 acres of public land closed to motorized travel, and the anti access groups believe that is just a good start.

Just as the Mint 400 has been resurrected in 2009, so with the permission of some of the original members  the Friends of the Centipede is reborn.

We hope this page will encourage others to become actively involved in the fight for access and recreation on our land. We encourage our friends to submit photos and comments to be added to this page. Names of places or individuals will not be included.

Your Donation of $25 or more will help secure the future of our sport. We also encourage anyone  who like to be actively involved in our on the ground trail projects to contact Bob, for information and scheduling. Thanks for your support! Bob


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